UTMT Hotel Sri Lanka

Living underneath the Mango Trees

UTMT - Underneath The Mango Tree!

To be honest: "Underneath The Coconut Tree" would have been more suitable. Surrounded by 273 coconut trees, Sri Lanka's most southern Beach and Spa Hotel features 22 unique rooms and villas. Despite the abundance of marvelous palm trees we fell in love with something else: "lonely" mango trees with their sweet fruits, scattered around UTMT's area.

How does it feel? See for yourself. Or get a sneak preview here:

  • Loose yourself staring at the horizon over the Indian Ocean, while soaking in your private pool. Until your toes get all wrinkled...
  • Listen to the ocean's surf on the beach get tickled by the sun. Until your eyelids get heavy...
  • Browse through our books in the tea salon while your palate gets to know Ceylon's tea-variety. Until the fresh breeze and the lazyness gets you hungry...

After 10 years of Hollmann Beletage in Vienna, we wll truly stage an all new relaxing experience of deceleration 7.504 km east of our european home base.

Deceleration? Not to be mistaken with boredom.