"I have been a chef in Vienna, New York and Honolulu, played as a leading actor on stage in Vienna and Berlin. My guests can be assured that I will spoil their culinary taste and stage your stay as a perfect event."

Robert Hollmann - Chef, Actor and Hotelier

The everlasting struggle for the buffet... is a thing you won't find here with us.

  What is it, that you will find at Hollmann Beletage?
  • Personal service, that will remember your name.
  • The best coffee in town, that you will definitely miss.
  • Homemade marmelades, which you can bring back home.
  • A chef, that will cook (almost) everything you wish.
  • A selection of food, which changes every day.
  • Breakfast basket.
  • Enough sleep until 11:30, since you are on vacation.
  • Or... Aroma of coffee and freshly baked bread served in your room, since you don't even need to get up and/or out.