Hollmann Beletage


Before 09:00?

Good Morning!

Let the morning sun wake you. Or close the curtains and go back to bed. You're on vacation.


Ca. 9:00


We don't like buffets. Multi-course breakfast meals? Yes we like. PS: Don't forget you're on holidays. Take your time and rest. We will await you until 11h30 am for a culinary start into your day.


Viennese Melange at Hollmann Beletage


Viennese Melange

Vienna is world famous for its coffee specialties. We too. Or at least in Vienna ;-) Here is a Viennese Melange to wake you up.

Homemade Marmelade at Hollmann Beletage



Your multicourse breakfast meal has already started. You have to taste our homemade marmelades. Strawberry marmealde out of stock in december? We're sorry, but we only cook and produce with seasonal and regional products from sustainable farming. Go for the pear-jelly or the quince marmealde instead. 


Viennese Insiders.

Tried all of the 6 breakfast courses? A bit early for a digestif schnaps ;-) How about a long walk in the city? Shopping, arts and culture? Our hosts and Viennese Insiders will share some of their personal favorite places in Vienna.




Leave your Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos in the room. Hollmann Beletage is located in the center of Vienna and you can definitely walk to all the major attractions. St. Stephen's cathedral - THE very heart of the city - is only a 2 min walk from your Viennese bedroom. Without stilettos. ;-



Lunch time.

Rest yourself from your expedition into downtown Vienna and head towards Hollmann Salon. It is located right around the corner of Hollmann Beletage and set amidst the most beautiful baroque courtyard in Vienna's city center. The Heiligenkreuzerhof courtyard itself is worth the visit. It is dated back until the 12th century.



No stereotypes. Authentic contemporary cuisine.

The Viennese Stock Pot. And our well known "Salonbrettln" with Austrian Tapas. And daily lunch menus. You will find all this at Hollmann Salon. In case you sill feel hungry after our breakfast feast. But, you're on vacations right? You don't need to be hungry to eat ;-)



Living room.

Back from the beautiful but bustling city? How about dipping into a sofa, a book and coffee? Or practicing Rachmaninoffs 3rd? David Helfgott has done this quite a couple of times here on this piano.



Garden Terrace

Or visit our urban garden terrace. With a glass of prosecco. Where to get it? Here...



Have a snack at our little deli. Red cheeks? Be it because of the prosecco or the hot tea specialites from Vienna's leading tea house Schönbichler. The choice is yours ;-)




Either in our sauna or on the treadmill. Or relax in front of the open fire place. Have a good time.



Home Cinema.

Be it a movie, a documentary or thrilling series. Discover Vienna from another point of view. You could end your day in our own little cinema. Let us bring you into Vienna and the 1940ies, the "Third Man" will wait for you. Oh yes, we do have popcorn.


Dinner at Hollmann Salon

A relaxed and laid back dinner with a beautiful glass of Austrian Wine, the perfect spot to plan tomorrow's itinerary.


Full. Happy.

After a culinary excursion into Austria's contemporary cuisine - far away from Schnitzel and co. - you won't have far to your cozy bed at Hollmann Beletage. Just around the corner.



Or head directly into Vienna's party scene. Or a bar. You will definitely find something suitable for you. You are right in the epicentre of Vienna. But still in a quiet side street ;-) And do not forget: you can sleep late tomorrow ;-)